Birthday Bash!

Hey there everyone! It's Liana here, excited to be back in Missouri and ready for some spring sessions coming up! At the beginning of the month, I traveled out to Las Vegas to celebrate my 25th birthday! I took my camera with me, although I'll be honest: I didn't get a lot of photos taken haha. I really tried though! So I did get some, and I also used my phone for a few.

This trip was a family affair, as my mom and I flew out and met my grandparents there. My mom and I stayed at the MGM Grand, which is such a cool hotel/casino. The only downside is that it's completely on the end of The Strip, but that just means I got a ton of extra steps! The first day, our flight arrived at 8am. We couldn't even check into our room yet, so we left our luggage at the bell desk and hit The Strip! We decided to walk down to our favorite burger joint, In-N-Out Burger. (If you remember from previous posts I'm completely obsessed!) It was about a two mile walk, and by the time we got there thankfully it was open! We enjoyed the best lunch (at 10:30am) and then headed back to the hotel to check in and relax! 

The next day we met up with my grandparents and planned a trip out to the Hoover Dam! I've been before, but last time I didn't have a chance to take any pictures! It was great to go again and see how much it's changed in the past few years. 


After we visited the Dam, we headed back to LV so I could take a nap (I had a pretty bad headache), and then we rejoined for dinner! My grandparents have never been to Fremont Street since it's been renovated, so we decided to get dinner at an old favorite of my mom's (The El Cortez Restaurant), and then walked down to the Fremont Street Experience! You sure do see a lot of interesting things go on on this street lol. Next time I go, I want to zipline down the street, which is so cool! The whole time we were down there, you could see and hear people zooming by above. 


Fremont Street is home to a bunch of older casinos, which are great to visit and see how different old Vegas used to be! 

The next day was my birthday :D :D So we celebrated with breakfast with my grandparents before they left, then my mom and I ventured out to Hard Rock Cafe and got some adult beverages ;) Afterwards we headed to the pool, where we promptly took a nap before I did some work back in the room. For my birthday dinner, we headed down to The Linq, where we got In-N-Out (again) and then I went and got a new tattoo! Overall my birthday was a blast, and it was great to spend it with my mom in one of our favorite cities.

We were there for two more days, so I just want to hit on some of the fun attractions we visited! We hit up the new Hershey's World in New York New York, which was a lot of fun! We also visited M&M's world, which is where I spent too much money on those little suckers haha. We ventured around the Miracle Mile Shops, which is a great place to shop or just to get off The Strip for a little while! One of my favorite places we visited was The BLVD Creamery, which is located at Monte Carlo. They serve some very delicious alcoholic ice cream shakes, as well as some unique flavors of ice cream! We also checked out Emeril's restaurant inside the MGM, which has some really good happy hour specials (if you like small foods). Overall it was a great trip, with a lot of fun memories! I can't wait to go back and visit again! :)