Spring is in Season!

Good evening all! Liana here, and I had such an amazing day today! A few of my co-workers and I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a photo outing to the Missouri Botanical Gardens! This is such a great place that's right inside St. Louis! It has a large variety of plants, flowers, trees, etc. Not only is it a perfect location for taking photos, it's also great for learning about new things! The Botanical Garden is huge on education and always has classes going on. The tulips are in bloom right now, so that's what a lot of these photos will be, but I also tried to get some variety with different plants and locations! 


I absolutely love being creative when it comes to editing these photos! I can use different actions to change the colors around, and overall just be a little bit more artistic. I can't wait to visit the Garden again; I try to go about 3-4 times a year. They always have events taking place, including the Chinese Festival coming up next weekend! If you live in the STL area, I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out, if you haven't already done so!