Waiting on Baby #3

Good Evening everyone! 

Katie here, and I'm pretty excited to share these images tonight, mainly because they mostly feature two of my adorable nieces and my soon-to-be-here nephew! My sister, Sarah, and her husband, Matt, are expecting Baby #3 any day now... and I think they're done waiting on him! 



Beau and I traveled to my sister's new house in Union a couple of weeks ago to take some Maternity pictures. Of course, it rained almost all day on Saturday so on Sunday the ground was still a little wet and it was still a little chilly but no worries! We threw down a blanket and snapped a few photos while keeping the little ones happy! 



I may be a little biased... but those two little girls are just adorable aren't they?! I was so happy I was able to get some real smiles during this shoot, and they did so well with the chilly wind blowing. 


These two little girls already love their baby brother, I have a feeling he's going to be a little spoiled! 

After we grabbed some outside images, we went back into the warmth and got some great inside images by the window and in Carter's nursery!  


By this time, the girls were pretty much done and were super hyper, but I am loving these!

These last two images are probably my two favorites from the photo shoot! 

I hope you've enjoyed tonight blog, and be sure to stay tuned for some pictures of Mr. Carter when he does make his appearance! 

Until next week :)