Mindy&Chelsea: Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! Liana here with a little late night, sneak peek of my best friends wedding! About a week and a half ago, I made a super quick (read:30 hours in Tucson) trip out to Arizona to visit my first and bestest friend, Mindy. The occasion for this short trip? Her and her fiance, Chelsea, decided to get married! It was a very quick decision (I purchased the airline tickets 2 1/2 weeks beforehand!) and I knew I couldn't miss it for the world. Mindy and I met on our first day of high school, wayyyy back in 2006, and since then have been inseparable (even over her moving several times!) and we always try to see each other once or twice a year. 

Back in October, I actually flew out to photograph their engagement, at the Grand Canyon, no less! Chelsea and Mindy have been together FOREVER and have moved across 3 (maybe 4?) states for each other. Chelsea and I actually share the same birthday, so we get along swimmingly. :) There is no better match for Mindy other than Chelsea, and vice versa.

I only have a few photos edited, so here is a sneak peek! Chelsea and Mindy got married in an intimate courtroom ceremony, with their families with them. <3

Full blog post will be coming next week, so make sure to check back!