Dog Days of Summer

Hello everyone! It's Liana, and I can't wait to show you these adorable images today! The weather has been getting warmer, and definitely muggy, which makes everyone say the dog days of summer are coming. Well, last year in August, Mount Pleasant Estates held a Dog Days of Summer event to celebrate the warm weather and of course, our four legged friends! 

I had a blast photographing all of the adorable pups that came out to the winery, and I know everyone who came out did as well! We had some amazing vendors who came out, including some who brought dogs out for adoption! We also had a costume contest, and had some great entries. Cyan Art Studios came out and hosted a class for people to paint portraits of their dogs, and it was a huge success. Best of all, we raised over $100 for the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, which provides meals for animals for a whole month! Check out all the photos below :)