Meet the Mathia's

Good evening everyone!

Katie here, and sorry about the late post, we've been super busy finishing some things up! I'm very excited to be sharing some more images from Ashley & Justin's wedding in July! These two tied the knot at Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, and everything was so perfect! You could literally feel the love and excitement in the air!

There were so many little details that just help make the day as perfect as it was. From the candy bar, to the unity sand, the converses, and all the way to Ashley wearing the SAME wedding dress her grandmother wore when she wed Ashley's grandfather! That was such an amazing moment to be there when her grandparents first saw her in the wedding dress... talk about tear jerking! The mother-daughter dance, and the mother-son dances were so sweet, and the dollar dance definitely saw some moves!

And to complete the night, they had a SPARKLER EXIT. That was one of the funnest moments of the night (besides all of the awesome dance moves on the dance floor). I hope you enjoy tonight's post, and I can't wait until Ashley & Justin see all of their images soon!


I hope you've enjoyed tonight's post, and stay tuned for next week's!