Alyssa & Eric | Married!

Hello all! Katie and Liana here, and we are THRILLED to finally be sharing all (okay, not all, but a lot!) of the images from Alyssa and Eric's wonderful wedding on June 2nd! Alyssa and Eric are a super fun loving, down to earth couple, with one of the best love stories we've heard! Alyssa and Eric actually met while they were attending school in Rhode Island, moved to New Orleans together, became engaged, and then moved to the St. Louis area! They've been across the country which each other, and we love that they chose Mount Pleasant Estates for their wedding. From the makeup, the dresses and tuxes, to the flowers, everything was perfect. Their ceremony was short and sweet, with a lot of laughter and agreements from their guests. Alyssa looked absolutely stunning in her strapless gown, and Eric looked as handsome as ever in his tux. Their bridal party was small, but they were surrounded by their friends and family as they said "We do!" Check out all the details below! <3