Trip to Sedona!

Hello everyone! It's Liana, and let me start off by apologizing for the late blog post! Yesterday I hiked over 17 miles to the Colorado River and back for my last hike at Grand Canyon. Last hike you say? Yes! I will be returning home this week! It's extremely fitting that my last blog post from this state features one of it's most beautiful cities, Sedona. With its towering red rocks, it's absolutely breathtaking. Granted, it is a tourist town, but it's amazing nonetheless. There are plenty of hiking spots, shops to visit, and great places to eat! I did four hikes while there, and stayed in the cutest AirBnB I've ever seen!

The first hike was Cathedral Rock, a big stop for hikers. The hike was in the early morning, which is honestly the best time to go. As I started my descent, there were plenty of people starting the hike up! This trail includes hiking and some free climbing, but it's a ton of fun!

The second hike was to Devil's Bridge! I was a little scared to do this one, but once I got to the top, I realized it wasn't that bad. The only issue is you have to park about a mile away and walk to the trailhead, unless you have an off-roading vehicle. Otherwise it was great!

After the two early morning hikes, a break was in order. Along 89, the main highway through Sedona, there is this little shop called Indian Gardens. It has a deli, coffee shop, and store to purchase any snacks or drinks you may need!

After Indian Gardens, I spent the majority of the time walking around and checking out the local shops until the AirBnB was available. There's a lot of different shops, including high end art galleries and boutiques. Next stop was the AirBnB, which was adorable! Her name is JoBud, and is a 1972 camper that is completely renovated! 

The next day I took a little bit slower, and only did two easy hikes. The first one was to Bell Rock, which also includes a little bit of free climbing. Since I started out later in the day, it got hot quick and made the hike a little harder. Definitely worth it for the views though!

The last hike was down the Huckaby Trail, which goes down to Oak Creek! It was a very easy hike, and provided gorgeous views. Lots of wading through the creek, and the weather was perfect! Complete cloud coverage, opposite of what the morning was like.

If you've never been to Sedona, I would definitely check it out! It has a little something for everyone :)