Updates + Apologies!

Hello everyone! Long time, no posts over here on our end. Katie and myself have been extremely busy with our full-time jobs plus our family lives, that we have swayed away from our photography business and everything else that comes with it, including new posts to Facebook, Instagram, and of course, our blog. We haven’t even updated our website to add new work! So I wanted to take the time today to send out a blog post about our upcoming wedding season, our goals for 2019/2020, and give you guys an update on what has been going on in the past two months!

Right after our last post (Feb. 12th), my hard drive crashed. I lost a good deal of older images; however, the majority of them were saved thanks to the cloud and the photos app on my Mac. During that time, I was forced to re-edit two sessions I had previously done and finished, which took a while. Katie was starting a new position at work, requiring her to work every other Saturday, giving us less time to photograph anything.

Towards the end of February and beginning of March, we focused all of our free time on prepping for the Kansas City Bridal Expo that took place March 23-24th. I had some family problems take place right at the beginning of March, and when I wasn’t at work, I was at home helping out. I barely had time to look at Facebook, let alone go out and take photos.

The wedding show in March was extremely stressful and costly, and Katie and I have decided it’s in our best interest to not do another one. We would like to stay the small business that we are currently, so we can devote more time to getting to know our wedding clients and making their wedding day absolutely perfect. While we loved meeting new brides-to-be, we both had panic attacks throughout the process and neither of us were happy about it.

After the wedding show, Katie and I got together and re-evaluated our business. We both decided that our photography business will stay a side business, as neither of us are looking to make this our full time job. We both currently have full time jobs that pay our bills, and our wedding business is just a little bonus to help out with vacations or home expenses. After working out our new goals, we both felt at ease going forward with K&L Photography.

Fast forward to this month. I’ve been traveling for work and Katie has been working every other Saturday, not to mention late nights and traveling back and forth to see her family near St. Louis. As I type this, I’m sitting in my friend’s apartment in Memphis, TN, where I am for work this week. Thankfully I have some free time, and I am able to travel around the area and get back to photographing the things that inspired me to start this venture in the first place: being in nature. Of course I love to photograph weddings, but being out and taking photos of flowers and landscapes is where I got my love of photography from.

So what does this mean for the future? Yes, we will still be photographing weddings. We have 3 this upcoming year, with our first being on June 1st. We also have a few family sessions and engagement sessions as well. We will be posting less often, maybe 1-2 blogs per month, and we will be focusing on all the aspects of what we photograph. We appreciate everyone’s continued support, and we apologize for being absent for so long. Our next blog post will be in two weeks, which gives Katie and I some time to edit our sessions and get them out there for you all to see!

2018 Thank You!

Good evening everyone! Katie and Liana here tonight, and we just wanted to take a few moments out of the day to thank every single one of you for your continued support of K&L Photography <3 This year was our biggest yet, but we’ve got a lot of plans up our sleeves for 2019, and we’re hoping for an even bigger one next year!

When prepping for this post, I asked Katie to type up a quick thank you. I just read hers, and it sums up my feelings perfectly!

“This year has been a very busy and great year! I just want to personally thank each and every one of you for your help in making our business succeed. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and photograph all of our new, and returning, clients. Each session is always different, and always a good time! Without you, none of this would be possible. So, thank you and have a great and safe NYE.”

We wanted to post an image from each of our sessions we had, just to remind ourselves how lucky we are to do what we love <3

Boulevard Babes!

Hello everyone! Liana here, and let me get straight to the point- this blog post is FIRE. But! Before I get to those, a little backstory is required :P Ever since I moved home from AZ, I’ve been working at Boulevard Bride, a PHENOMENAL wedding dress boutique. However, they also sell top-of-the-line homecoming, gala, bridesmaids, and prom dresses! Every year, Jenn (the owner) loves to promote the prom dresses, and has a bunch of girls from the high schools in the area be prom reps!

This past week we had our first Boulevard Babes prom rep photo session, and it was AH.MAZ.ING. We got access to an emptied out store, and had a blast with it! The setting was perfect and everything came together so smoothly! The girls were absolute pros, and rocked every single dress, pose, and challenge! Check them out below!


The Perfect Headshot

Hello everyone! It's Liana, here to give you some helpful tips and tricks for headshots! (As well of post some photos, of course!) 

It's a little rare that Katie and I are asked to photograph headshots, but we love the opportunity when it arises! Just last week, I was referred by a friend to take some headshots for a lovely lady named Sydney! This inspired me to share why it's important to have professional headshots taken, and why it makes a difference!

As much as we love taking selfies, potential employers/clients kind of don't. Selfies are what we share with friends and family on social media, but it's not how we want to represent ourselves in the professional world, right? Of course not. So what happens when you need a new headshot? You look for a professional! 

Reaching out to a professional photographer is a great way to make sure you get the headshot you need. Sometimes you need a professional setting, such as a certain background, whether it be studio or on location. (Katie and I of course prefer on location, but we're never afraid to make it look like it came from a studio!) What else can the photographer do for you though?

They can help you with your outfit! Are you wanting a laid-back type of look, or extremely professional? No matter the look you're going for, the photographer can give you tips on your outfit, as well as your look overall (including hair and makeup.) 

Stuck on what background you should have? Let the photographer give you some input! Having a natural background is great, as long as it's not too busy. Wanting something a little more subtle? A simple, neutral colored wall works wonders! 

Take a look at some of the previous headshots we've done in the past, and see how having a professional photographer can help you achieve the right look! We hope this blog post helps you the next time you need a headshot taken!


Dog Days of Summer

Hello everyone! It's Liana, and I can't wait to show you these adorable images today! The weather has been getting warmer, and definitely muggy, which makes everyone say the dog days of summer are coming. Well, last year in August, Mount Pleasant Estates held a Dog Days of Summer event to celebrate the warm weather and of course, our four legged friends! 

I had a blast photographing all of the adorable pups that came out to the winery, and I know everyone who came out did as well! We had some amazing vendors who came out, including some who brought dogs out for adoption! We also had a costume contest, and had some great entries. Cyan Art Studios came out and hosted a class for people to paint portraits of their dogs, and it was a huge success. Best of all, we raised over $100 for the Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, which provides meals for animals for a whole month! Check out all the photos below :)


Hello April!

Hey guys! Liana here, with just a quick blog post tonight! I wanted to share some new ideas that we have coming up this year, starting this month! 

About three weeks ago, Katie and I were throwing around ideas on how to connect with other wedding vendors. We already know several that we've worked with, but we've only shown their work, we haven't shown you the faces and stories behind the work! We came up with the idea of featuring a different wedding vendor each month! 

This isn't only a great networking idea, but it's a great way to help future brides and grooms pick out their vendors! Katie and I have worked with some amazing vendors, and we want to branch out and meet more! That's where YOU come in! Yes you! If you are already married, please let us know which vendors you used and why you love them! We would love to reach out to them and feature them on our blog! We will be featuring a new business/business owner each month. 

Katie and I are really excited for this, and we hope you are too! We look forward to meeting a lot of new business owners this year :)