Introducing Annie & Keith Lebbing!

Good evening everyone! Sorry for the late post, but you know how hectic life can get around the holidays! It’s Liana here, and I know I’m speaking for both Katie and myself when I say we ended this year with a bang! Annie and Keith are one of the sweetest, most laid back couples we’ve ever worked with, and their wedding flew by! It was cold and windy, but Annie and Keith (or anyone else!) let it get them down! The best part of the day is when Annie and Keith saw their boys Shane and Lucas for the first time in their outfits! Their family photos in the cellars of Mount Pleasant will be some of our favorites for years to come <3 Check out all their perfect day below!


Our Fave 2018 Trends!

Hey everyone! Liana here, and we're switching up the blog today! Instead of us posting our work, we're going to focus on the trends for 2018! Now I know what you're saying, "Liana, it's already May, why are we looking at these?" The answer is because we can! ;) We wanted to share our favorites, and maybe give our brides-to-be some inspiration to add into their wedding! We canvassed several different sources, including; The KnotMartha Stewart Weddings, Brides, and one of our favorites, Junebug Weddings. So, here's what we absolutely love about these trends; even though they're modern and hot right now, you can still use some elements in the future! The best thing about planning a wedding is you get to make it your own, regardless of how anyone else thinks it should be! Let's dive right in to our faves!

Trend: Shorter guest lists and unique place cards.
Why we love it: Weddings used to be a big affair, but they're quickly becoming a more intimate gig. Have you noticed how many couples seem to be eloping these days? Or having a small bridal party with a small guest list? It creates a perfect environment for those who want to celebrate it with the people closest to them.

Trend: Touches of black.
Why we love it: Uhm, HELLO! That dress is absolutely gorgeous! And yes, we love the traditional white dresses, but it is great to change it up. Adding black can create a statement, and although everyone's eyes are already going to be on the bride, this will make their jaws drop! Adding black also ties into the trend of celestial themed weddings. The night sky is obviously dark, so having dark decor (and yes, even a dress!) is totally understandable!

Trend: Unique and quirky desserts/dessert table.
Why we love it: Well, for starters, we love dessert regardless. Chocolate cake? Vanilla cake? Lemon cake? Cupcakes? Cake pops? Donuts? Yeah, we love it all! We love this trend because we've seen it growing in the past couple of years. Adding new colors and flavors into your dessert table creates a memorable experience for your guests. Another good point that The Knot brings up is serving bite-sized desserts on the dance floor! 

Trend: Geometric backdrops.
Why we love it: Well, if you remember our styled shoot from last year, we had a backdrop that was pretty similar to this! Adding a statement backdrop not only makes for beautiful photos, but allows for your guests to have some fun with it too after the ceremony! Wouldn't it make the perfect pop-up photo booth backdrop?!


Trend: Sleeved dresses.
Why we love it: First off, let's all give props to Jordan Voth for this amazing photo. If you don't follow him on Facebook or Instagram, I highly encourage you to do so. For me, at least, he is one of my biggest inspirations in the world of wedding photography! Secondly, look at that gorgeous dress. Having sleeves only adds to the amount of detail you can have in your dress. It's elegant and can still be sexy while covering up a little bit more of you.

Trend: Transparency and going indoors.
Why we love it: Adding transparency to your wedding gives it an airy, romantic feel to it. It creates a statement as well, when you are using in for decorations, a seating chart, or table accents. Even better is going indoors and having transparency, such as in the photo above. Imagine this in the winter. It could still be green outside, but extremely cold. Having an indoor wedding in a greenhouse or somewhere similar is a great idea to expand the wedding calendar!

Trend: Wedding tiaras.
Why we love it: Other than it being a huge trend due to the upcoming royal wedding, tiaras can create a statement as well. Foregoing the traditional veil in favor for something more modern and royal (and let's face it; every bride is a damn queen on their wedding) is a great way to bring personal touches into the wedding. However, we do see this trend getting extremely overdone, for the reasons mentioned above.


Well, there you have it! Some of our favorite trends for the 2018 season. If you like these and want to check out more, click on the links provided above to take you directly to the articles we pulled these from!