Flickinger Family Christmas!

Hello! It's Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the week! I have come to love blog day, and I'm always excited to share new photos with all of you! This week we're still catching up on December sessions, but this particular session is of a family that everyone knows by now; Katie, her husband Beau, and their beautiful daughter, Ember! 

The second weekend of December, I drove out to Montgomery, MO, where Katie's parents live. They were in town for family Christmas, and wanted to get some family photos done before Christmas came around! I couldn't pass up a chance to see my best friend and my little neice! (And Beau, I suppose!) We did manage to get a few quick photos outsides before the wind drove us in, but we also got some great indoor photos as well! Ember loved the Christmas tree, and was giving some great expressions!

Christmas Mini-Sessions!

Hello everyone! Liana here, bringing you more Christmas cheer! I'm like Santa, but with photo sessions ;) Today I'm excited to share the three families that came out for our Christmas mini-sessions a few weeks ago. December 3rd graced us with beautiful weather and clear skies, so it was a perfect day for outdoor photos. The first family that came out was the Barbarick Family, Kayla, Joel, and their little baby girl Olive! They were such a sweet family, and Olive had the best grumpy faces for our photos! 

The second family was The Miller Family, a fun, buffalo plaid wearing family of six! Now, with the ages of the children ranging from 21 months to 13 years, you would think there might be some issues, but not with the Millers! Malakai, the oldest (and only boy!), wasn't too thrilled to be there, but he was a great sport, even when being in photos with his sisters. Leila and Nia, the middle girls, were thrilled to have their photos taken, but Ivy, the littlest, didn't share their eagerness. While we were able to get some great photos of her, it was definitely a challenge! Overall, the photos turned out great, and it was a blast getting to know this wonderful family!

The last family was one of my co-workers, his wife, and their two beautiful daughters! The Altmann family just welcomed a new baby girl at the beginning of November, so it was great being able to capture some new family photos for them! While it was getting a little chilly and windy, they were great with it and we got some beautiful photos in a short amount of time! 

K&L Photography is so grateful for everyone who came out and supported our business for these mini-sessions! We love getting to help families create and capture special moments, and with it being holiday season, it makes us all the more grateful. Can't wait to share more amazing Christmas photos next week!

A Christmas Surprise

Happy December everyone! It's Liana here, and December is my absolute favorite month. I love Christmas, New Year's, and all the good feelings that come with them! So in honor of that, all of our posts this month will be Christmas themed! Hope you're ready for it ;) 

To jump right in, we have a super cute post for you today! A couple of weeks ago, Kristen (yes, the one who just married the love of her life, Spencer) contacted me about wanting to do a quick family photo shoot. They introduced a new family member, and wanted to capture the occasion! It was great, because for the days leading up to our shoot, they kept teasing their friends on Facebook about a huge announcement! As you'll see, they pulled a good one on their friends ;) 

THEY GOT A KITTY! It was the best surprise. And look at that adorable Christmas photo! Everyone is looking at the camera! It's a Christmas miracle! In all seriousness though, Kristen and Spencer welcomed Cali into their lives, and everything is going great! Cali and Mumford get along so well, and I love seeing the snapchats of them playing all the time. Can't wait to see their actual Christmas card!