Future Mr. & Mrs. | Smart Engagement

Good evening, friends!

Katie here, and I’m so excited to be sharing some more images from Kyle and Chrystal’s engagement session from October! It was a cool afternoon at Capen Park in Columbia, Missouri but these two did great! We had to climb a little bit to get the views at the beginning, but we (thankfully) survived and the views were sooo worth it! AND they brought their pups, even better right?!

Kyle is my friend Paige’s brother in law, I photographed her maternity session a few years ago and actually photographed her wedding some years ago, so I’m very excited to be capturing Kyle and Chrystal’s special day next year!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s blog blog, stay tuned for their wedding day next year… I have a feeling it’s going to be fantastic!

<3 Katie

Smart Engagement | Sneak Peek!

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and I’m excited for tonight’s sneak peek! Meet Kyle and Chrystal- and their adorable pups! Kyle proposed about a year ago on trip to visit his brother, Eric and his wife Paige in Washington. Paige is one of my best friends from High School and I actually photographed their wedding years ago, so needless to say I’m super excited to be capturing Kyle and Chrystal’s special day!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the full blog post soon, and enjoy this sneak peek in the meantime!

<3 Katie

Why Two? | A little info

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and tonight we’re doing a something a little different. Liana and I thought a quick blog about the benefits of having two photographers for your wedding day would be a good idea.

Many regret not spending money on the photography section of their wedding, and a lot of people think cutting out a photographer can save money. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “I wish I would’ve spent the money and gotten a better photographer”. At the end of the day, when the cake is cut and the guests are gone, the only thing you’ll really have left are your photographs.

A lot of people question as to why they should have two photographers photographing the same thing, but we can tell you that there are several reasons why- here’s just a few!

  1. Walk down the aisle

    The moment you see your future Mr./Mrs. at the end of the aisle is always a favorite. Getting your reaction seeing your partner, your partner seeing you, AND your parents reactions is a must! Getting all of the reactions when there’s only one photographer isn’t likely. With two photographers, one of us is at each end of the aisle, ready to capture those perfect reactions.

  2. Moments across the room/Different perspectives

    There is so much that happens on your special day, and you’ll be so busy you won’t realize what’s going on on the other side of the room! It’s these little moments that can make the best memories- your grandma dancing, the little kids chasing each other across the dance floor, or even just catching that smile on the groom when he spots his bride across the floor. Two photographers means double the coverage, which means no moment is missed!

  3. Getting ready

    Having two photographers means one photographer is with the bride and bridesmaids, while the other is with the groom and groomsmen. Some of the funniest pictures come from these moments while everyone is laid back having a good time (and possibly a mimosa?).

  4. Backup if something’s missed

    While we all hope that nothing stops us from getting that perfect shot, sometimes things happen- such as a guest stepping in front of the photographer so we can’t capture that special moment. Two photographers means double the coverage to make sure no moment- big or small is missed.

These are just a few things that show why two photographers is so important! Luckily for you, the prices you receive when booking with K&L Photography always include 2 photographers! We hope this post gives you a peek into our jobs and know that we always work hard to capture your day!

<3 K

Chris & Katy <3

Hello everyone! It's Liana, and I'm going to cut to the chase; Katie and I are PUMPED for the upcoming months! We have a TON of engagements, weddings, and family sessions coming up! This summer I plan on traveling to several different locations around the Southwest, so we'll have some great travel posts as well! Are you getting excited?! You should be!! For now though, we're going to continue throwing it back to some older sessions ;) 

We're going back to 2013 today, featuring the gorgeous wedding of Chris and Katy! They are such a fun-loving couple, and are completely in love with each other! Check out their beautiful photos below <3 


Ahlquist Wedding!

Hi everyone! It's Liana here, and let me begin by apologizing for the late post! I could not get my wifi to work last night, AT ALL! So here I am, a day late, but better than never!

Today we are kicking it back to the summer of 2013! This wedding was the introduction to Unity Village, which would become a favorite spot of ours over the years! The Ahlquist wedding was a big wedding, but an absolute blast! Going over our old wedding images is giving us excitement for our upcoming weddings! We can't wait until this summer/fall! But for now, check out all the fun photos below!

Meet the Mathia's

Good evening everyone!

Katie here, and sorry about the late post, we've been super busy finishing some things up! I'm very excited to be sharing some more images from Ashley & Justin's wedding in July! These two tied the knot at Uptown Theatre in Kansas City, and everything was so perfect! You could literally feel the love and excitement in the air!

There were so many little details that just help make the day as perfect as it was. From the candy bar, to the unity sand, the converses, and all the way to Ashley wearing the SAME wedding dress her grandmother wore when she wed Ashley's grandfather! That was such an amazing moment to be there when her grandparents first saw her in the wedding dress... talk about tear jerking! The mother-daughter dance, and the mother-son dances were so sweet, and the dollar dance definitely saw some moves!

And to complete the night, they had a SPARKLER EXIT. That was one of the funnest moments of the night (besides all of the awesome dance moves on the dance floor). I hope you enjoy tonight's post, and I can't wait until Ashley & Justin see all of their images soon!


I hope you've enjoyed tonight's post, and stay tuned for next week's!


Mathia Wedding Sneak Peek

Good evening friends!

Katie here, and I am SO excited to be sharing this sneak peek tonight! Many of you will remember my bestie, Erica, who's made some frequent appearances on the page. Well, her twin sister Ashley got engaged about two years ago and her and her fiancé asked me to photograph they're wedding... and of course I couldn't say no! 

This wedding was so perfect! Ashley and Justin said "I Do" this past Friday, July 21st at Uptown Theatre in Kansas City. The bridal party was a blast, the venue was amazing, and of course the amount of love in the air made it seem like the building might burst! Ashley and Justin left yesterday for their Honeymoon, and I hope they're having a blast already. Hopefully, these photos will help hold them over until their final gallery is ready! 

Join us in saying Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Mathia, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled in a few weeks for more images and some stories from their wedding that'll be sure to tug on your heartstrings! 

Shelby & Michael: Cheers to One Year!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had an amazing Easter, spent with your family and friends. Well we know Easter changes dates every year, and this year it just so happened to fall on the same date as Michael and Shelby's First Wedding Anniversary! Michael and Shelby are one of the cutest, most laid back couples Katie and myself have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were so relaxed with their wedding day, that in fact, their ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes! Some of you might be saying, WOW, that's quick! But it's exactly how Michael and Shelby wanted it, and everyone attending knew it. :) 

Not only was this a big day for Shelby and Michael, but it was also a big day for Katie and I! This was the first time we had ever worked a wedding together, and boy oh boy, was it a blast! After the wedding, all we could talk about was how smooth everything went with two photographers! Alas, here we are now, with K&L Photography, with their wedding being the turning point in our businesses! We can't take Michael and Shelby enough for letting us capture their special day <3

Next week we have a VERY special blog post coming, so make sure you check back ;)