Shelby & Michael: Cheers to One Year!

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had an amazing Easter, spent with your family and friends. Well we know Easter changes dates every year, and this year it just so happened to fall on the same date as Michael and Shelby's First Wedding Anniversary! Michael and Shelby are one of the cutest, most laid back couples Katie and myself have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were so relaxed with their wedding day, that in fact, their ceremony only lasted about 10 minutes! Some of you might be saying, WOW, that's quick! But it's exactly how Michael and Shelby wanted it, and everyone attending knew it. :) 

Not only was this a big day for Shelby and Michael, but it was also a big day for Katie and I! This was the first time we had ever worked a wedding together, and boy oh boy, was it a blast! After the wedding, all we could talk about was how smooth everything went with two photographers! Alas, here we are now, with K&L Photography, with their wedding being the turning point in our businesses! We can't take Michael and Shelby enough for letting us capture their special day <3

Next week we have a VERY special blog post coming, so make sure you check back ;)