Beau&Katie: Parents-To-Be!

Good evening everyone! Liana here, and I've got a great blog post for you tonight! As you know, Katie and Beau are expecting their first child in just a few short weeks (eek!) and last week we celebrated their family with a baby shower. After the baby shower, we went out to capture some beautiful maternity photos in a couple of different locations. We're all big fans of visiting Burr Oak Woods and Lake Jacomo in the Blue Springs area, so we decided to go there. Lake Jacomo holds a special place in our hearts, as it's where I photographed Beau proposing to Katie! 

Katie looked absolutely regal in a purple dress, and Beau looked just as handsome in a sleek, button down shirt. They're always a stylish couple which I love! We had a great time finding new spots to photograph at, as well as visiting some of our old favorites. Check out the photos below!


I cannot wait to welcome Baby E into this world in just a couple of weeks! Believe me, it's going to be an exciting day!! 

Oh Baby! (Shower!)

Hello everyone! It's Liana here, excited to blog about Katie and Beau's baby shower today! If you've been a fan for awhile, you know that Katie and Beau are welcoming their first child into the world next month! Beau and Katie and ecstatic to be bringing a baby girl into their lives, and this past Saturday, friends and family gathered to help celebrate with them. 

The shower was put together by Beau's mom, Paula. It was held at the Top Hat Winery located in downtown Independence, MO. It last a couple of hours, with great food, lots of gifts for Katie and Beau (and of course Baby E!), and some fun shower games. 

After the shower we went out and took maternity photos as well! Those will be coming next week :D