Updates + Apologies!

Hello everyone! Long time, no posts over here on our end. Katie and myself have been extremely busy with our full-time jobs plus our family lives, that we have swayed away from our photography business and everything else that comes with it, including new posts to Facebook, Instagram, and of course, our blog. We haven’t even updated our website to add new work! So I wanted to take the time today to send out a blog post about our upcoming wedding season, our goals for 2019/2020, and give you guys an update on what has been going on in the past two months!

Right after our last post (Feb. 12th), my hard drive crashed. I lost a good deal of older images; however, the majority of them were saved thanks to the cloud and the photos app on my Mac. During that time, I was forced to re-edit two sessions I had previously done and finished, which took a while. Katie was starting a new position at work, requiring her to work every other Saturday, giving us less time to photograph anything.

Towards the end of February and beginning of March, we focused all of our free time on prepping for the Kansas City Bridal Expo that took place March 23-24th. I had some family problems take place right at the beginning of March, and when I wasn’t at work, I was at home helping out. I barely had time to look at Facebook, let alone go out and take photos.

The wedding show in March was extremely stressful and costly, and Katie and I have decided it’s in our best interest to not do another one. We would like to stay the small business that we are currently, so we can devote more time to getting to know our wedding clients and making their wedding day absolutely perfect. While we loved meeting new brides-to-be, we both had panic attacks throughout the process and neither of us were happy about it.

After the wedding show, Katie and I got together and re-evaluated our business. We both decided that our photography business will stay a side business, as neither of us are looking to make this our full time job. We both currently have full time jobs that pay our bills, and our wedding business is just a little bonus to help out with vacations or home expenses. After working out our new goals, we both felt at ease going forward with K&L Photography.

Fast forward to this month. I’ve been traveling for work and Katie has been working every other Saturday, not to mention late nights and traveling back and forth to see her family near St. Louis. As I type this, I’m sitting in my friend’s apartment in Memphis, TN, where I am for work this week. Thankfully I have some free time, and I am able to travel around the area and get back to photographing the things that inspired me to start this venture in the first place: being in nature. Of course I love to photograph weddings, but being out and taking photos of flowers and landscapes is where I got my love of photography from.

So what does this mean for the future? Yes, we will still be photographing weddings. We have 3 this upcoming year, with our first being on June 1st. We also have a few family sessions and engagement sessions as well. We will be posting less often, maybe 1-2 blogs per month, and we will be focusing on all the aspects of what we photograph. We appreciate everyone’s continued support, and we apologize for being absent for so long. Our next blog post will be in two weeks, which gives Katie and I some time to edit our sessions and get them out there for you all to see!

All Together!

Hello everyone! Liana here, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing this family session from Christmas Eve! I’ve been having some hard drive issues, but everything has been resolved, which means we’re back to regularly blogging on Tuesdays!

Cheryl and I met in 2017 through a networking group. We’ve kept in touch, and when she reached out about having her family all together for Christmas and wanting to capture it, I was more than happy to help! Not only were Cheryl and Wayne’s children all in town (including one who came from Saudi Arabia!), but her daughter, Mary, had her in-laws in town all the way from Germany! It was great getting to work with this big family, and I’m happy to say they absolutely loved their images! Check them out below!

Bianculli Family!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first blog post of 2019! It’s Liana, and I am so excited to be sharing this beautiful family with you all! All seven of them were troopers, and met me on Main Street in old town St. Charles at 8am, three days before Christmas! Needless to say, the weather was less than perfect, but it didn’t get their spirits down!

Courtney contacted me through Facebook, wanting to book a family session as a gift for her mom. Originally set to be eight people (family + significant others), Zach’s girlfriend Carrie unfortunately couldn’t make it, but he did bring his dog, Zeus! Seven humans and two dogs in total makes for a hilarious photo shoot! Thank goodness I still had dog bags in my pocket from leaving the house haha. We had a great time wandering around Main Street, and the Christmas decorations were the perfect touch! Check out the photos below <3

2017 Styled Shoot Sneak Peek

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Katie & Liana writing to you tonight, and we're super excited to give you a sneak peek from Sunday's styled photo shoot! If you've been following us within the last year, you know that we did our first styled photo shoot last year. It went so well and we had so much fun that we decided to do another one for 2017! 

We had a great team of vendors, who did such an AMAZING job at helping us out!

Venue/Florals: Marry Me Cottage

Makeup/Hair: Belleza Salon

Sweets: Spoil Me Sweetly

Attire: White Traditions Bridal House

We hope you enjoy tonight's sneak peek, and stay tuned within the next couple weeks for more images!



Jane & Joey: The Countdown is On!

Hello everyone, and Happy Tuesday! It's Liana here, hoping that everyone is having a great week so far! This week's post is actually inspired by a Facebook post that one of our grooms-to-be posted yesterday!

Joey wrote, "5 more months until we say "I DO" Jane Jane!! We are getting closer!! I can't wait to marry you!! You make me the happiest man in the world!! I love you!! ❤️" and attached was a picture from their engagement session! 

This inspired me to re-blog their engagement session, since it is not on our new website! Jane and Joey have amazing chemistry, and are one of the cutest, and most laid-back couples I have ever met! We had an amazing early morning engagement session, complete with three total outfits and a ton of different locations :) Their wedding is October 8th, and we are looking forward to it just as much as Jane and Joey are! I can't wait to see all of the beautiful details of their wedding <3

The First Formal Dance

Good evening everyone! 

Katie here, and I am super excited (and a little sad) to share some of the images from my niece, Madison's Winter Formal Dance! First of all, I cannot believe that this girl went to her first High School dance. It seems like just last week she was starting her first day of school. We started off getting her hair done, and then moved onto makeup!



After she was done getting ready, we meet up with her friend and got some pictures of them at the gazebo. We made sure to get plenty of images, and had so much fun! The weather was also absolutely fantastic! Nice and sunny and warm outside. Let me tell ya, I remember having snow on the ground with freezing cold weather walking around with a knee length dress and open toed heels... they got very lucky this year! 

The girls looked absolutely beautiful, and so grown up! I'm a very proud Aunt! <3

Until next week :)