2018 Garden Glow!

Hello everyone! Liana here, and I apologize for the late post! It’s been a crazy month, but we’re almost done and on to 2019! Tonight’s post is short and sweet. At the beginning of the month I had the chance to visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and the annual event they hold, Garden Glow! It features over 1,000,000 lights, turning the garden into a winter wonderland! It’s absolutely beautiful, and a joy to photograph. Check out a few photos below! :)


Next week we won’t be having a blog post, seeing as Christmas falls on Tuesday this year! We will, however, be blogging on New Year’s Eve! Merry Christmas everyone!

Look who's ONE!

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and tonight’s blog post is a little short (but definitely sweet). I’m sharing some images from my daughter, Ember’s, first birthday party! We had two separate parties, one in STL and one here in KC, and of course she was spoiled at both. They first party she was a little slow at eating the cake and she didn’t want to keep her headband on (second party was better), but before long she was tearing into it. It’s hard to believe that Ember is already one, and today she got her first tooth!!

I hope you enjoy these photos of our little one!

Future Mr. & Mrs. | Smart Engagement

Good evening, friends!

Katie here, and I’m so excited to be sharing some more images from Kyle and Chrystal’s engagement session from October! It was a cool afternoon at Capen Park in Columbia, Missouri but these two did great! We had to climb a little bit to get the views at the beginning, but we (thankfully) survived and the views were sooo worth it! AND they brought their pups, even better right?!

Kyle is my friend Paige’s brother in law, I photographed her maternity session a few years ago and actually photographed her wedding some years ago, so I’m very excited to be capturing Kyle and Chrystal’s special day next year!

I hope you enjoy tonight’s blog blog, stay tuned for their wedding day next year… I have a feeling it’s going to be fantastic!

<3 Katie

Smart Engagement | Sneak Peek!

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and I’m excited for tonight’s sneak peek! Meet Kyle and Chrystal- and their adorable pups! Kyle proposed about a year ago on trip to visit his brother, Eric and his wife Paige in Washington. Paige is one of my best friends from High School and I actually photographed their wedding years ago, so needless to say I’m super excited to be capturing Kyle and Chrystal’s special day!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the full blog post soon, and enjoy this sneak peek in the meantime!

<3 Katie

Flora Borealis!

Hello everyone, Liana here! Tonight’s post is short but sweet, and it touches on the Missouri Botanical Garden’s current event, Flora Borealis! It is an after dark event that mixes the garden with interactive displays and educational stops! It was a fun event to experience, and even better to practice night photography with! Check out the photos below!


MO Bot Gardens!

Hey everyone! Liana here, and I’m to share one of my favorite spots in St. Louis; the Missouri Botanical Garden! My mom and I made a trip a few days ago to visit their current event, Flora Borealis. This post won’t contain any photos from that event (I am so bad at editing photos on a deadline sometimes!) but it does have the photos I took right before the sunset! I absolutely love taking photos of flowers; they release a creative side of me that I love <3 Check them out below!

Why Two? | A little info

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and tonight we’re doing a something a little different. Liana and I thought a quick blog about the benefits of having two photographers for your wedding day would be a good idea.

Many regret not spending money on the photography section of their wedding, and a lot of people think cutting out a photographer can save money. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “I wish I would’ve spent the money and gotten a better photographer”. At the end of the day, when the cake is cut and the guests are gone, the only thing you’ll really have left are your photographs.

A lot of people question as to why they should have two photographers photographing the same thing, but we can tell you that there are several reasons why- here’s just a few!

  1. Walk down the aisle

    The moment you see your future Mr./Mrs. at the end of the aisle is always a favorite. Getting your reaction seeing your partner, your partner seeing you, AND your parents reactions is a must! Getting all of the reactions when there’s only one photographer isn’t likely. With two photographers, one of us is at each end of the aisle, ready to capture those perfect reactions.

  2. Moments across the room/Different perspectives

    There is so much that happens on your special day, and you’ll be so busy you won’t realize what’s going on on the other side of the room! It’s these little moments that can make the best memories- your grandma dancing, the little kids chasing each other across the dance floor, or even just catching that smile on the groom when he spots his bride across the floor. Two photographers means double the coverage, which means no moment is missed!

  3. Getting ready

    Having two photographers means one photographer is with the bride and bridesmaids, while the other is with the groom and groomsmen. Some of the funniest pictures come from these moments while everyone is laid back having a good time (and possibly a mimosa?).

  4. Backup if something’s missed

    While we all hope that nothing stops us from getting that perfect shot, sometimes things happen- such as a guest stepping in front of the photographer so we can’t capture that special moment. Two photographers means double the coverage to make sure no moment- big or small is missed.

These are just a few things that show why two photographers is so important! Luckily for you, the prices you receive when booking with K&L Photography always include 2 photographers! We hope this post gives you a peek into our jobs and know that we always work hard to capture your day!

<3 K

Cady & Jordan | Summertime Love

Hello everyone! Liana here; it's been a busy week since I've gotten back home! We have two more weddings this year, so we are working on finalizing those and meeting with our brides to ensure the process is super easy for them! We're also working on becoming present on WeddingWire and TheKnot, so make sure to keep an eye out for those announcements! The best part about last week though, was being able to photograph Cady and Jordan! 

Cady and I met while working at InterState Studios, and I just love her. She's the cutest little thing, earning her the nickname "Lil' Biscuit". She is so sweet and down to Earth, and so is Jordan! They are an absolutely adorable couple, and have been together since college! I'm so glad I decided to come home early from Arizona, mainly because now I have the opportunity to photograph some events coming up!

Cady, Jordan and I met up at Creve Coeur Lake, which is one of my favorite spots for running, but I've never taken photos there! We were blessed with some cloud coverage and lower humidity, which made our session so much better! Cady and Jordan are great to work with, and I barely had to help with posing; once they got into a pose, they made it into their own! I can't wait to see these images up on their walls <3

Corson Maternity | Sneak Peek!

Good evening, everyone!

Katie here, and tonight I'm sharing some images from the Corson Family Maternity session! This session happened a few weeks ago, and (spoiler alert!) little baby Gunner his arrival shortly after and is as cute as can be! Sean is actually my husband's cousin, and we were so excited when we found out Sean and Cassie were expecting. Now our kiddos will get to grow up together! We went out to one of my favorite places- Burr Oaks at sunset and captured some beautiful images.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and be on the look out for the full blog post coming soon! 



How’s Everything Been?

Hey everyone, Liana here tonight, and I’m switching up our normal Tuesday routine. Typically I’d be introducing our most recently edited session to you, giving you some details about the people and their lives, and showing you their gorgeous photos. Well, this is going to be a little bit different. As most of you know, I moved to the Grand Canyon back in January of this year. At first I was excited; new town, new state, being outdoors the majority of the time, and living right next to one of the seven wonders of the world. Sounds amazing, right? The question I’m always asked by my friends and family members (excluding my mother) is “How’s everything been? Do you love it out there?”, and my response is, “Everything’s great, everything is fine.” But here’s the deal: everything is not fine.


Since I’ve moved out here, I’ve struggled with depression. Being away from my regular life was rough, and with a couple of deaths happening, I began to feel awful. There was a week that all I did was sleep and go to work. Self care was not on my mind. After talking to my mom and my manager, I decided to go to the clinic and see what could be done. I was put on a low dosage of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication. While it has helped, I still struggle with depression on the daily.


Don’t let that last paragraph fool you; I still had a lot of good things going on for me. Within two months, I was promoted to retail lead at my job. More recently, I decided to apply for assistant manager. While I was waiting on the response for that job, things just started spiraling out of control for me, and I realized the only way I was going to be happy with myself again would be to move home. Yesterday my manager told me that I unfortunately I did not get the job (not enough retail experience) and while I was slightly disappointed, I was more worried about having to tell my manager (one of my good friends I’ve made while here) that I would not be staying.


So, that’s this announcement. In the middle of November, I will be returning home to good old St. Charles, Missouri. I’ve tried countless times to call the Canyon my home, but I just can’t. I know a lot of people move away from home and they can make it; but I can’t do that. (at least not to a state so far away and two time zones away.) I’m excited to be coming home for the holidays, but honestly, I’m just glad to be coming home for good. I gave it my best, and in the end it wasn’t for me. This means leaving some friends behind, but I know that I’ll stay in touch. In the end, I need to be happy, and I can’t do that where I’m at currently. I’m ready to come home and see all of my friends, family members, and my dogs. Start the countdown folks, because it won’t be long now! Thank you for sticking through this journey with me, and I promise I’ll have photos to share of my final months out here!