Spring Surprises

ECSTATIC does not even begin to explain my feelings for this post! It's Liana here, and I've been holding onto a secret for a few months that I can FINALLY share! But first, let's backtrack a little bit ;)

Alright, so you all remember when our website was first published in February, right? And Katie and I explained our favorite memories from photography? Well one of my favorite memories was having the chance to photograph Beau (Katie's husband) propose to her a few years ago! Little did I know, that another favorite moment was going to come that very same day.

I was planning a trip out to KC to visit Katie and a few other people, and Katie was dying to talk to me before I left. We finally had a chance to converse the night before, and she kept asking all these weird questions! Lol. She wanted to know when I was leaving, when I would be there, if I could stop and pick something up for her. I was very confused, until she finally goes, "Okay, so if I tell you something, YOU HAVE TO PROMISE not to tell anyone else!" Everything clicked in my mind immediately. "OH MY GOD YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!" I blurted out, with so much excitement in my voice. Katie just laughs and says, "Yeah, it looks like I am!" I was so close to crying due to happiness and screaming with joy. I knew Katie and Beau had been worried about not being able to get pregnant, yet here they were! I knew I had to do whatever Katie asked, so we could give Beau one of the biggest surprises of his life.

The next day, Katie and I met before Beau got to work and went over all the details. She was going to film it on her camera, whereas I would photograph it. Our excuse was to work on seeing how we could incorporate video and photos into one session. We did everything in their backyard, and it was the best moment!

Everytime I look at these photos, I become so happy, especially looking at Beau's reaction! Baby 'E' Flickinger is already so loved, and I cannot wait to welcome him or her into the world this October!! Make sure to leave Katie and Beau your congratulations <3