Why Print?

Hey everyone! Liana here, bringing you a blog topic that is near and dear to my heart: having your images professionally printed!! 

We're all living in a digital age, where we want something and we want it now. Staying connected through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (among other social platforms!) has become the new norm. Sharing photos and tagging friends is the best way to see what someone is doing or celebrating (hello, weddings!). So of course, when you have those big life events, you want to share them immediately, and what faster way than uploading them to Facebook? 

These days, everyone wants digital images. While we love providing digital images for our clients to share all over social media, we know how easy it is to get those images, upload them, and then stick the USB in a drawer, never to be seen again! How many of you remember going through your family photo albums, being able to touch the photos, laugh over them, and have them accessible anytime you wanted? I love being able to go through my photo albums, and we want our clients to have the same feeling!

That's why all of our wedding packages come with print credit. We want to create beautiful albums for you, get that perfect photo canvassed and hung over your fireplace, or just have a few 8x10's around the house for guests to admire! We love helping our clients create their perfect album, or put together a collage of a variety of sizes of prints. We can also help you pick the best photos to give as gifts, use for your thank you cards, or even your Christmas Cards!

Prints make all the difference, and we hope that when you choose a wedding photographer, you choose one that offers prints, so you don't have to worry about it yourself!