Braundmeier Christmas!

Hello everyone! Liana here, and I want to start off by letting everyone know that I safely made it to the Grand Canyon! I arrived yesterday morning, and so far it’s been great. I have some time off before I begin working, so I’ve been hiking a lot, at least before the snow comes tonight! I’ll post a blog post later on down the road about some of my adventures, but for now, let’s throw it back to December!

I had a lot of photo sessions the last few weeks of 2017, and each one was amazing! Today's post is about the Braundmeier Family, who I've been photographing for close to six years now! Many of you will recognize Morgan, Aaron, and Chase; however, they welcomed a new baby boy into their family back in August! I was thrilled to finally meet Cameron, and he is such a handsome little baby, just like his brother was/still is!


Morgan and I go back to high school, and I always love having the opportunity to photograph her family! I love watching them grow, and it's been a pleasure capturing family photos for them! We decided on an in-home session, which is always a favorite of mine. Check out the photos!

Stay tuned for next week!